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Get to know author Sabrina Blaum!

The lesfic community is always growing, and I’m constantly meeting new authors through Twitter. One new author I’ve chatted with is Sabrina Blaum, whose book The Well of Shadows is out right now on Amazon!

Sabrina writes sapphic fantasy, and if you sign up for her mailing list at you will receive the book The Fall which is a fantasy romance where Death falls in love with a grief counselor. Sign up now to get this awesome book for FREE!

To get to know Sabrina a little bit better, check out the interview I conducted with her where we find out her writing inspiration, her future plans, and the age-old question: is Sabrina a dog person or a cat person?

Here’s my interview with Sabrina Blaum!

1.     Why did you start to write?

I’m honestly not sure. I started writing as soon as I could write. I used to tell my grandmother bedtime stories, and I’d write little tales about animals on sticky notes. There were just always so many stories bouncing in my head.

2.     What inspired your first book?

The very first one in German I will never ever release? It’s a vampire novel, and I suppose it was a mixture of being fascinated by vampires from an early age, and an enduring love for the character of Lady Oscar from the self-titled anime. For the Well of Shadows, my first publication? To be honest, I just wanted to see if I can write a fantasy novel since I am so dialogue heavy, yet fantasy as a genre demands that you are more descriptive.

3.     Do you have a writing routine? If so, can you describe it?

No. I just try to write as often as I can. I sit on the breakfast table most often, with my family around, and just write. Sometimes I write on my phone, too. I used to need quiet to write, but my kids have disabused me of that notion, and now I actually write better with noise around me.

4.     What’s the toughest part for you when you write a book?

The middle. It’s easy to start and finish a book, but the middle? There’s always something where I get stuck. Often, I also tell stories too quickly. That’s likely because I am not very descriptive, and if you think about it, it actually doesn’t take that long to write a story.

5.     What is your favorite thing to do outside of writing?

Reading, spending time with family and friends, and to be honest, sleeping. I also love to spend time with my cats.

6.     Name one book that you think everyone should read.

I can’t. I don’t think there is one that everyone should read. There are books a lot of people could likely benefit from reading, but even that depends. Then there’s fiction vs. non-fiction, and that also makes a difference. Besides, tastes are so different. There are a few popular book series that people LOVE, and I can’t stand them. So, how could there be a book that everyone should read?

7.     What book are you reading right now?

The Headmistress by Milena McKay, the Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin, and Razorblade Tears by S. A. Cosby (I have the tendency to read too many books at the same time)

8.     Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to write a novel?

Have patience. Read a lot. Step away from your first draft for at least a few days, ideally longer. At some point, read it out loud or have an app read it to you. Also, read it once in print as a final proofing before publishing. Be gentle with yourself. You are always a work in progress, and while it may seem that everyone else is a better writer than you are, that’s not true. Everyone else is a different writer than you are, and only you can write like you do.

9.     What is one interesting fact about you?

I have too many obsessions. I get really into things, and then that’s all I live and breathe.

10.  If you could choose any superpower, what would you pick?

To understand, read, write, and speak any language.

11.  Do you write with music on or off?

Mostly off, but sometimes I play some music.

12.  What are your favorite genres to read? Are there genres you don’t read?

It’s easier to say what I don’t read. I don’t read horror or anything that depicts sexual violence. I like romance, fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction best, but I will read whatever sounds appealing aside from the two things mentioned above.

13.  How many projects do you work on at the same time?

I try to limit myself to only work on one active project (writing wise), though sometimes I take a break and add a shorter one I finish in between. At times, I get stuck in a project, and then I write on another. I also try to have one revision project going on at the same time as I am writing (style, not content revisions). Most, I’ve handled four projects at the same time, but that’s exhausting and not recommended.

14.  List your three favorite romance tropes?

Age gap, ice queen, enemies to lovers (I’m boring. I know).

15.  Would you be open to co-write a book with another wlw author?

Yes, if I like their writing and we have a complimentary writing style.

16.  How many books do you hope to publish in a year?

Two would be awesome.

17.  Cats or dogs?

Cats. I love cats. Dogs are strange animals to me.

Sneak Peek of “Say Yes to the Ex!”

Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter, following me on Twitter or just checking out my website. Below is a scene from my book “Say Yes to the Ex,” featuring Alice from my book “Say Yes to the Soccer Player.” Hope you enjoy!

Alma tucked her phone into the pocket of her shorts and sat on the bench on the other side of me, about a foot away. She angled her body to face Beth and me and said suspiciously, “You’ve been blocking all social media since last year, so how exactly do you know that Sabrina is back on campus? Did something happen?”

I felt Beth perk up on the other side of me. They both gave me their undivided attention. I took a deep breath and said as casually as I could, “We ran into each other earlier.” I paused, and when neither one said anything I added, as nonchalantly as possible, “She said she missed me.”

My statement provoked two very different responses from my friends.

“That is so romantic.”

“That is so shitty.”

It highlighted the personalities of the two women sitting with me. Beth was in love and happy, while Alma had made it very clear that long-term relationships weren’t for her.

Beth glared at Alma. “What are you talking about? Sabrina left her program and traveled thousands of miles because she missed Alice too much to be apart any longer. That is romantic behavior,” she stated unequivocally.

“Nope, that is crappy behavior,” Alma said, just as sure of her own opinion as Beth was. “Alice hasn’t heard from Sabrina in over a year—as in, total silence. Unless you were talking to her without anyone else knowing?” she asked me.

I shook my head. When Sabrina left I’d cut her out of my life, hoping that a clean break would help me heal faster. It hadn’t.

“So then she shows up, ambushes you in the middle of campus—which is a bit creepy, to be honest—and tells you that she missed you,” Alma said. She put the last two words in air quotes that made her disdain for Sabrina’s actions clear, as if the scowl on her face wasn’t enough. “What she did was assume that Alice would want her back after she took off. She left behind a broken husk of a person that we all took care of while she was gallivanting around Europe. And yes, I am so mad right now that I used the word ‘gallivanting,’” she added when Beth opened her mouth to say something.

“I think ‘broken husk of a person’ is a little strong,” I interjected, not really happy with that unflattering portrayal of me. I could admit that the past year wasn’t my best, but I felt like I handled it pretty well considering the circumstances.

“Alice, you locked yourself in your dorm room for weeks at a time, almost lost your job, and barely passed your classes. And I say this in the spirit of friendship, but for a good stretch of last year, you stank. Like ‘burn all your clothes and repaint your room’ kind of stink. I was being generous calling you a broken husk,” Alma said plainly.

“Okay, I think we can all agree that Alice was not in the best shape after the breakup with Sabrina,” Beth said in her best diplomatic voice. “But that’s all in the past because she wants to get back together. Isn’t that what you’ve wanted for the last year, Alice?” Beth asked.

That made me pause. Did I want Sabrina back?


“Say Yes to the Soccer Player” is out!

The second novel in my “Say Yes” series of lesbian romances has been published! It has been out for about a month now and I have been floored by the response. I had my best sales day ever since the launch, and then beat that number! Thank you so much to everyone who bought the book and left such great reviews. Your support is what keeps me at the keyboard.

I’m now hard on work on my next entry in the series, “Say Yes to the Ex.” This book will follow Alice and include characters from the previous books in the series as the supporting cast. A lot of people have been wondering about Beth’s injury from “Say Yes to the Soccer Player.” I will definitely be giving an update on that in “Say Yes to the Ex” and expanding on a thread that I’ve been developing since the first book in the series, “Say Yes to the Cheerleader.” I don’t think anyone’s picked up on it yet, but I hope it’ll be fun for the readers when it’s revealed!

Don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list at to get the latest news on releases, sneak peeks, and more!

Sneak peek of “Say Yes to the Soccer Player”

So I’m still working on my second book in the “Say Yes” series, but I wanted to share an excerpt of it since I’ve had so much fun writing it. Enjoy!

But quickly enough another sound had filled my ears: the beating of my heart as it sped up as I saw that not only was there someone else in our regular spot, but that she was also super pretty. That meant my usual reaction to being within 200 feet of an attractive female kicked in: nervousness with a side of frozen panic.
I knew it was stupid to react that way. But I couldn’t help it. I liked to think of myself as being cool and having no problem talking to girls, but the reality was the exact opposite. I put too much pressure on myself when I met someone new so that I psyched myself out enough to leave me a stuttering mess half the time.
The other half I was silent which I considered an improvement.
The woman hadn’t seen me yet and I considered turning around and waiting for everyone else back around the corner, but bravery or stupidity stopped me. Instead I shuffled over to one of the empty tables in the alcove and laid out my lunch, being very careful not to look over at the only other person there.
I was afraid that if I got another glimpse of her I’d end up staring like an idiot.
With my back to her I settled down to wait and pulled out my phone. No new texts, and I was just checking the first of a few new emails when a voice a lot closer than I expected said, “Excuse me?”
I jumped so high my knee hit the flimsy table and I had just enough time to catch it before it toppled over onto the floor, taking my lunch with it.
“Woah, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was only wondering if you had a USB phone charger I could borrow,” the voice, which I realized belonged to the super pretty woman, said.
Once I got my breathing under control enough to answer her I turned to look at her.
Big mistake.
I didn’t think I had a “type” of girl since they all seemed wonderful, but at that moment I was sure tall brunettes with long hair were definitely my type. Especially if they looked like they were trying to hold back from laughing at me.
That was really attractive.
“Sorry,” I answered as I held up my iPhone. I internally cursed at the sleek designs of Apple for seducing me into buying their hardware. None of which used USB chargers.
“No problem. Thanks anyway.”
As she grabbed her backpack and walked away all I could do was stare. The way her hair moved behind her was mesmerizing.
She had been gone from my sight for a bit when a more familiar voice broke into my thoughts.
“Oohh, does Jenny finally have a girlfriend?” my arch enemy, sometimes friend, mocked gleefully.
I looked behind me to see Haley, Kate, and Marie all with food in their hands and expressions on their faces telling me that they had seen if not the entire encounter with the other woman then enough to make my life difficult.


“The Missing Dates” is now available!

syttc missing dates cover

“The Missing Dates: Say Yes to the Cheerleader Short Stories” takes place between chapters 12 and 13 of “Say Yes to the Cheerleader.” It covers the time jump of two weeks when Haley and Kate went from first kiss to hot and heavy make-out sessions. Plus it’s from Kate’s point of view, so readers get to find out a little more about their favorite cheerleader!

Available now from Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, and Barnes and Noble – links are available under the “Books” section of my website!

“Say Yes to the Cheerleader” available now!

My first book, “Say Yes to the Cheerleader,” is now for sale at the following major booksellers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, and Createspace (in case you’d like a print copy)!


website header syttc


Writing and publishing “Say Yes to the Cheerleader” has been a dream come true. It was so much fun to write, and I’m so happy at the great response it’s gotten already. I’m planning more entries in the “Say Yes” series of lesbian romance books. Up next is a sort of “deleted scenes” novella called “The Missing Dates.” It’s from Kate Monroe’s point of view and covers the two week time jump that was in “Say Yes to the Cheerleader.” Just a little peek into the first few dates of Haley and Kate’s relationship. Hint: some go better than others.

And this summer be on the lookout for “Say Yes to the Soccer Player!” Jenny Jeffries loves college: the late nights in the dorms, the parties, and especially the girls. If only she could work up the courage to actually talk to one of them. When the star forward for the university’s women’s soccer team crosses paths with her will Jenny finally find the relationship she’s always been looking for? Or will their romance receive a red card before it can even begin? (Okay, sorry for that soccer pun, but it had to be done!)

First book coming soon!

My first lesbian romance will be live soon! I can’t wait for people to meet Haley and Kate!

Here’s the description:

High school senior Haley Suarez is relieved to be out of the closet. After worrying about what her family and friends would say when they found out she was a lesbian, their unconditional support means the world to her. Best of all for Haley the gossip around her at school came and went quickly. But when just a couple of weeks from graduation beautiful cheerleader Kate Monroe starts to talk to her, and maybe even flirt with her, she isn’t sure what to do. Kate has been her crush for years, but is way out of Haley’s league. What could perfect Kate see in average in every way Haley? Plus, wasn’t Kate straight?

As Kate turns up around Haley more and more, with flimsy excuses and sly jokes, Haley gets to know the less than perfect side of Kate that makes her see the person and not the cheerleader. Haley can’t keep denying what everyone in her life (including her worst enemy) has been telling her: Kate may actually like her.

But as Haley is figuring out, being out doesn’t mean she’s entirely comfortable with it. If she wants Kate then she’s going to have to stop worrying about what other people might say or think. But that’s easier said than done.

Haley has to decide if being with Kate is worth the attention it will bring. Or will her insecurities about being a lesbian prevent her from taking a chance on Kate, and ultimately, on herself?