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Sneak peek of “Say Yes to the Soccer Player”

So I’m still working on my second book in the “Say Yes” series, but I wanted to share an excerpt of it since I’ve had so much fun writing it. Enjoy!

But quickly enough another sound had filled my ears: the beating of my heart as it sped up as I saw that not only was there someone else in our regular spot, but that she was also super pretty. That meant my usual reaction to being within 200 feet of an attractive female kicked in: nervousness with a side of frozen panic.
I knew it was stupid to react that way. But I couldn’t help it. I liked to think of myself as being cool and having no problem talking to girls, but the reality was the exact opposite. I put too much pressure on myself when I met someone new so that I psyched myself out enough to leave me a stuttering mess half the time.
The other half I was silent which I considered an improvement.
The woman hadn’t seen me yet and I considered turning around and waiting for everyone else back around the corner, but bravery or stupidity stopped me. Instead I shuffled over to one of the empty tables in the alcove and laid out my lunch, being very careful not to look over at the only other person there.
I was afraid that if I got another glimpse of her I’d end up staring like an idiot.
With my back to her I settled down to wait and pulled out my phone. No new texts, and I was just checking the first of a few new emails when a voice a lot closer than I expected said, “Excuse me?”
I jumped so high my knee hit the flimsy table and I had just enough time to catch it before it toppled over onto the floor, taking my lunch with it.
“Woah, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was only wondering if you had a USB phone charger I could borrow,” the voice, which I realized belonged to the super pretty woman, said.
Once I got my breathing under control enough to answer her I turned to look at her.
Big mistake.
I didn’t think I had a “type” of girl since they all seemed wonderful, but at that moment I was sure tall brunettes with long hair were definitely my type. Especially if they looked like they were trying to hold back from laughing at me.
That was really attractive.
“Sorry,” I answered as I held up my iPhone. I internally cursed at the sleek designs of Apple for seducing me into buying their hardware. None of which used USB chargers.
“No problem. Thanks anyway.”
As she grabbed her backpack and walked away all I could do was stare. The way her hair moved behind her was mesmerizing.
She had been gone from my sight for a bit when a more familiar voice broke into my thoughts.
“Oohh, does Jenny finally have a girlfriend?” my arch enemy, sometimes friend, mocked gleefully.
I looked behind me to see Haley, Kate, and Marie all with food in their hands and expressions on their faces telling me that they had seen if not the entire encounter with the other woman then enough to make my life difficult.


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